heartcode® Basic life support


You have the advantage of taking your HeartCode Basic Life Support (BLS) course at your time and convenience; in the comfort of your home or anywhere an internet connection is available.

The eLearning component of HeartCode BLS blended learning is presented in the form of self-directed learning content, probing questions, and Cognitive Assessment Activities (CAAs) to deliver students quality resuscitation education; after which, you will come in for a Skills Check at our on-site location.

The American Heart Association HeartCode BLS providers completion card will be issued after the successful completion of the skills check.  You should receive your e-card within 48 hours via email

Part One: (Pre-requisite)

You must complete the online portion of the course: Online Access Code Included in the Price

Part Two: (In-person)

Pass the Hands-On Portion at our in-house location.

he 2020 Guidelines HeartCode uses a personalized adaptive algorithm that sets students on the most efficient path to mastery. Students follow a continuously adapting learning path that is personalized by their own inputs: their performance, and their self- reported confidence level related to each probing question.

Price: $99 ( Price includes the following)

  • HeartCode BLS online course with access code
  • HeartCode Provider E-Textbook
  • Skills Check-Off at a Fort Bend HeartLife Location

Class Room Skills Time: 30 Minutes

Please wear comfortable clothes and covered toes shoes. You will be practicing skills that require kneeling, bending, standing and possible lifting.

Terms & Conditions

 Heartsaver Courses at Fort Bend Heartlife:

  • Heartsaver Courses at Fort Bend Heartlife LLC require Online Completion of Heartsaver Course Online.
  • Heartsaver Online Access Code and Instructions will be emailed after registration.
  • No refund will be issued once the student receives Heartsaver Heartcode.
  • Heartsaver Heart Codes are one-time use only.
  • The e-book is included with the Course; Students may choose to purchase a paperback book for an additional fee—an option available during registration.
  • The cost of Skills check-off is included with payment.
  • Certification cards are issued via email no later than 48 hours after completion of your scheduled course. The email will come from ecards@heart.org. PLEASE check spam/junk folders.

HeartCode® BLS Skills Only Session:    $60